Dog Grooming For Yorkies

Jul 14, 2022

Proper dog grooming for Yorkies can be a challenge, as they have very sensitive skin, especially around the eyes. To keep your Yorkie looking their best, regularly trim the fur around their eyes and face. You should also keep the hair off their paw pads and face. Likewise, their ears should be trimmed at the top to keep them erect and away from their buttocks. Here are some tips to groom your Yorkie at home.

Trimming the hair around their ears is an essential part of dog grooming for Yorkies. Long hairs in the upper ears weigh them down. To keep these short, trim them with an 0.8-mm blade. You should also have grooming scissors for their paws, between their toes, and paw pads. Finally, you should also keep a comb handy to collect long hair. Keeping the nails short and tidy can keep your Yorkie looking its best.

The best way to bathe your Yorkie is to use a dog shampoo specifically made for dogs. Avoid using shampoo that is made for humans, as they can dry the skin and may not be suitable for your pet's coat. If you have never bathed a Yorkie, try to brush him or her as this will give you an idea of how much he sheds. And remember to never use any shampoo that contains chemicals or fragrances.

A good dog grooming regimen is an essential part of your Yorkie's basic care. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends early brushing of the coat. Bathing, nail trimming, and cleaning of the eyes and ears are also part of a good routine. To prepare your Yorkie for grooming, try positive-motivation training. Reward him for allowing you to groom him.

To trim the nose, you should start by brushing its fur away from the eye. The hair around the eyes can accumulate eye gunk. Lift the fur away from the eyes with one hand and rest the scissors against the face of the dog. Cut gently without damaging the fur around the eye. If you don't want to end up with your dog having a ragged nose, take it to a professional. You can also cut the ears yourself.

When grooming a Yorkie's ears, you should clean them thoroughly. Gently remove hair from inside the ear canal. Don't try to clean the ear canal yourself, as this could cause inflammation or infection. After cleaning the ears, keep them trimmed. If you can, try trimming featherings on your dog's ears. Trim the hair to 1/3 down from the tip. This will promote the growth of the coat.

Besides brushing the fur around the eyes, you should also clean the earlobes and the undercarriage. If possible, rinse the coat thoroughly. After washing, apply conditioner. Be sure to squeeze the excess water out of the fur. Once your dog is clean, you can blow dry it using a low heat setting. Never leave a dog unattended on a grooming table. It is best to have the dog brushed before allowing it to dry itself.