Motorcycle Racing Accidents

Jun 25, 2022

If you have recently been in a motorcycle racing accident, you probably feel anxious about your legal rights. While motorcycle races are typically held in designated areas, they can also occur on public roads, resulting in an unsanctioned road race. In this situation, the city can be held liable for any injuries and damages caused by the accident. Motorcycles reach much higher speeds than cars and do not have the same level of crash protection. Read on to learn about your legal rights after a motorcycle accident.

Generally, a separate investigation is necessary for these crashes. In addition to a separate investigation, the police may find that there was alcohol or other drugs in the motorcycle's bloodstream. Intoxication is a contributing factor in these accidents. While it may be illegal, it does have unique legal consequences. The act of racing can result in specific criminal charges, including driving under the influence. If alcohol is a factor, the motorcycle racing accident attorney may be liable for damages caused by the intoxicated driver.

In addition to medical bills, other damages may be available. Depending on the nature of the injury, special damages may be awarded. Usually, medical expenses and lost wages are assigned monetary values. If the plaintiff can prove that the defendant acted negligently, the case may succeed. If the accident was the fault of another racer, the plaintiff may be eligible to receive damages for both the injury and its consequences. This distinction is especially important in motorcycle racing accidents, where a plaintiff may seek compensation for both medical expenses and other damages associated with the injury.